Part 7 of our bands to see at Bewilder Beast:


Next up, here are three funky acts that have  distinctly awesome festival vibes, perfect for all you Bewilder Beasts. Some folk and alternative rock are on the cards for Thursday the 8th ’till Saturday the 10th of August.

Firstly we have ShortStraw – Ray-Ban Top Stage on the 8th at 21:00 and Skellum Stage on the 10th at 16:00


If you tune into Tuks fm right now, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll here these guys jamming their thrash folk tunes. This five-piece, Joburg native band is making waves with their new album “Good Morning, Sunshine”, and you’ll be very sorry if you miss them.

Check out their video for the song “Good Morning, Sunshine”


Next up is Jeremy Loops – James Philips Main Stage at 16:00 the 10th of August


Jeremy Loops is “a modern day one-man folk band”, and rocks a “loopdaloop” pedal, like very few people can. His uniquely fun sound and original talent, make him an act you’ll definitely want to check out.

Here’s his video for “Power”


Manchester Orchestra is up next – James Philips Main Stage 20:00 on the 10th of August


This indie/alternative rock, four-piece band from Atlanta, Georgia in the US, has put out three brilliant studio albums so far, and they’re nowhere near done. Their powerful and almost haunting sound, will leave you feeling like you’ve just heard something amazing.

Watch their video for “Simple Math”