Part 8 (Last part) of our bands to see at Bewilder Beast:


The last part in our series of bands to see, and “save the best for last” definitely applies here. These next four acts are arguably the biggest attractions for oppi-goers this year, and it’s easy to see (and hear) why. Check them all out on Saturday – 10th of August.

First the lesser-known, but still brilliant ISO – Skellum Stage at 20:00


Pick almost any South African radio station, and you’ll be sure to hear these guys. They come straight out of Snor City, and have been on… fire with their song “No Fire”. For some chilled vibes and a great live experience, look no further than Isochronous.

Their music video for “Heaven”:


The always epic “The Narrow” is up next – Wesley’s Dome Stage at 21:00


One of the hardest working bands in SA; The Narrow, have played gigs almost everywhere, and we have been lucky enough to catch them at Ramfest. If you’ve ever seen them live, you’ll know what an experience one of their shows truly is. Try watching them perform “Lonely lonely” without singing along, we dare you.

Their music video for “Where’s the fire”:


Punk and violin greatness from Yellowcard – James Philips Main Stage at 22:00


Punk fans rejoice! Yellowcard, after a lengthy hiatus, came back with a bang with their energetic (and violin-y) album “when you’re through thinking, say yes” and have been making new fans all over the world (including us). If you miss out on seeing these guys, Ed will personally give you a dirty look.

Their music video for “For you, and your denial”:


The mighty Deftones round us off – Wesley’s Dome Stage at 23:00


If you need us to explain who these giants in the world of rock are, you have been living under one for the past 20-or-so years. Buy their albums right now, and get a little culture in you.

Their music video for “Swerve City”:


With this ends our list of bands you need to go see, but the bands who did not get an honorable mention from us, should not be ignored. If we had more time, we would’ve loved to cover all the bands in attendance, but since we can’t, you need to do your best to try and catch at least 80% of the great bands there.

Now go Bewilder Beasts, go and enjoy yourself in the spirit of the amazing Oppikoppi 2013!