South Africa’s most celebrated music festival is going down in August, and it’s going to be goodie! We here at Why Ed are already preparing ourselves by making dust angels in random parking lots and not showering for a week. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 questions about the festival, and sommer delving into past experiences. Their answers may serve you well in the quest to make your very own Oppikoppi experience one of the most memorable.

We took some time out of our festival preparations to ask Baz Cilliers, front-man of The Ts & Cs, a few questions about Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOSVOS!

The Ts & Cs are an indie rock outfit hailing from Jozi, South Africa, comprising of Baz Cilliers on leading vocals and guitar, Levon Lock on lead guitar and backing vocals, Wally van Eeden on bass and backing vocals and Josh Roscoe on drums. They have brought an amalgamation of sounds to the scene, mashing up classic indie hooks and hard, dirty rock ‘n roll guitars and drums.

Together they offer something unique the local and beyond scene are craving.

Shot by Carl Wegelin and Bradley Roberts.

Shot by Carl Wegelin and Bradley Roberts.

How would you describe the current mood of the band, playing at Oppikoppi for the first time?

We are feeling lekker! Playing Oppi has been a lifelong goal for each of us!

What’s the one thing you will never forget to bring to the festival?

A torch, you don’t know darkness until you’ve been to Oppi.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to get lucky in the bushveld?

Only tip I have is do it on the first night… That’s when people are the cleanest.

Any words for the people who complain about the line-up each and every year?

Come for the vibe, stop complaining about line-up… Oppi is about much more than just good music. Also, the line-up is epic every year, haters gonna hate.

Where’s the better party; Kreef Hotel, or District 9? Explain.

District 9 for sure.. That’s where the dirty, nasty, beautiful spirit of Oppikoppi is.

What have you done so far to prepare for Oppikoppi?

Been practicing drinking warm whiskey out of a plastic 2L bottle.. It tastes terrible, but that’s what I drank at Oppi last year, kinda dig it now.

What can the prawns expect from The Ts & Cs at Oppikoppi? Flaming hoops on stage, throwing complimentary bacon in the crowd or participating in the Naked Mile while doing an acoustic set?

People can expect an all out onslaught of Rock & Roll.. making the stage a party, and not just a platform for us to make music on.

We would like to thank the band for their answers and a few good laughs! Be sure to check out The Ts & Cs when they make their Oppikoppi debut!