Oppikoppi is around the dusty corner, and it’s going to be one of the biggest yet. Do you have a portable cooler? Do you have 258 bags of wood? And do you have your tickets yet? If not, click here. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 questions about the festival and a few other random questions that you would like to know. We had a chat with Newtown Knife Gang.

Comprised of well respected S.A music veterans, the members of Newtown Knife Gang have managed to shake off ties to their previously successful musical endeavours (16 Stitch) and exceed the high expectations of fans who were left wanting more after the split of these groups. This year, at Oppikoppi, they will be giving the prawns what they crave!

What has been your fondest memory of Oppikoppi?

For me, I’d say our last show at Oppikoppi in 2014 is one of my best moments, it was just after the release of Anthems and hearing the crowd singing along during the song really made that show for me.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you before or after a show?

A pair of granny panties. Seriously… I mentioned it as a joke in an interview once and next thing I know someone throws this giant pair of granny panties up onto stage during the show! Luckily they were clean, or at least I hope they were…


Newtown Knife Gang

Jinne! That’s mal! Where’s the best place to have a bite to eat after a rowwe night at Oppikoppi?

Most likely if you’ve had a crazy night at Oppikoppi, you are still awake when the sun rises and cruising the food stalls as they open is like a god send. There is no guarantee that you won’t be shitting your guys out the rest of the day though.

If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) for one show, who would it be? And why?

Hmm maybe Maynard from Tool or Chino from Deftones. Both bands have been very influential on us and I’ve heard great songs where those guys have collaborated with other bands. Locally though maybe the guys from ISO, they really blew my mind at a show we played with them recently and they are such chilled and talented guys.

What do you think of people who are getting tattoos at Oppikoppi? A yay or nay?

I don’t think any of us have tattoos actually but that’s not because we don’t think they are rad. Hell, it might not be the best tattoo you ever get but it’ll damn sure be one of the most memorable ones!

What has so far been the highlight of Newton Knife Gang in your illustrious musical career?

Illustrious!? Phew first time I’ve heard that one 😂 I don’t know, we’ve had some great opportunities to play with some great bands both locally and internationally which have all been highlights. Oppikoppi is always a highlight for us, as is Krank’d Up and we’re keen to play at Woodstock later this year so mostly the festivals I guess – big stages, lights and sound!

Who is the best Oppikoppi-wingman you’ve ever had? And why was he/she so good?

Probably Shane from Pestroy. If you know Shane, you are undoubtedly nodding your head in approval as you read this.

We would like to thank Gareth for his time. Be sure to check out Newtown Knife Gang when they hit the stage on Friday night at Oppikoppi.