This is our Shia LeBeouf motivational speech!

Every year around May and July, you’re bound to hear a lot of people going off on social media on how a certain festival has changed over the years, and that the artists already confirmed are “old” and or “has-beens.” You know about it? Amiright? Yup, we’re talking about the acclaimed Oppikoppi festival, held each year in the dusty heart of Northam.

Each and every year there are hundreds of people out there kakking in their pants about the line-up and that Oppikoppi is for emos/hipsters/metalheads or another genre we’re oblivious to. We all heard that exact simple-minded saying – it’s getting old tjoppers! Music is a big part of Oppikoppi but is that the only reason to attend? No, it isn’t. Have your best memories of Oppikoppi been just about the music? What about everything else that happens in that period on the festival grounds? Never seen an intoxicated guy in a chicken onesie walking around aimlessly in the scorching heat? How about the amazing sunrise from the top-bar with other festival-goers? Isn’t that also a part of what makes Oppikoppi such a special event? Isn’t that what you talk about when you discuss the aftermath with others who did not attend the festival?

oppikoppi 21

Are you still having doubts about it? Of course, you damn narcissist! 😉 Oppikoppi can’t satisfy every single person out there, it’s a daunting task! Have you ever heard of a festival that nobody complained about? Speak up! Neither have we. If it exists, Oppikoppi would be hot on its heels. Oppikoppi has done a fine job so far in our books with their announcements; we have amazing local artists performing, internationals and even a few first-timers, who will be braving the masses of prawns and the like. There will be at least one artist who you would like to see strutting their stuff onstage.

Oppikoppi isn’t just about the music or the dust that can enter any orifice – it’s about the memories you create; kak or good. It’s about meeting new people who are on a quest to absolutely make the best of what South Africa has to offer, it’s seeing the unexplainable, it’s talking kak ‘till the early hours of the morning with a prawn who can’t find their tent, it’s about the free vibe that fills the air, it’s about braving dust for a good few days, it’s about resilience, it’s about the never-say-die attitude when you’re out on your feet, but you want… no, wait, need to take that last trip up to the top-bar, it’s about having the time of your fucking life.

Stop complaining about nitty-gritty things, and just go to Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOS VOS.