National Geographic announced the winners of the National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest for 2014. Every single picture is amazing and you could swear they were photoshopped. The photographers really outdone themselves, we’ve included a few pictures in the post, but you can check out all the entries here:
National Geographic Winner

This picture by Marc Henauer was taken in the Green Lake in Tragöss, Austria. Every spring, the water level of the lake rises about 33 feet for a few weeks, which causes things that were above ground—trails, meadows and trees—to suddenly become underwater.

Below is a photo by Evan Cole. It shows a Touareg guide resting in the Sahara desert. It takes 45 minutes to climb to the top and 10 minutes to get back down. Can anyone say sandboard?

National Geogaphic Winner

Marko Korošec took the photo below – we’re not weather experts, but this does remind us of the movie Twister… bad things happen to good people.
National Geographic

And Byron Inggs shot this photo of a horse basking in the sunlight. LIKE A BOSS!

National Geographic 2014