In case you didn’t know. Last week, Mumford & Sons announced they would move into the world of electric guitars on their upcoming new album “Wilder Mind.” This morning, Mumford & Sons unveiled the music video for first single “Believe.”

Marcus Mumford shared the backstory behind the band’s newest single with Rolling Stone. “We were in Texas at a wedding all together. My best friend got married in Texas, and so the family at the ranch let us stay on in an outhouse for a week, and we did a lot of writing there,” Mumford said. “I had to leave early by a day. By the time we met up in London a couple of weeks later to demo the songs that we’d been writing, the boys brought ‘Believe’ to the table and I got it and just sang.”

Watch the music video ’till the end – you will enjoy it!

“Wilder Mind” is due out 4 May 2015.

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