Last week Friday I got Mumford and Sons Babel delivered to my doorstep, I was quite excited about hearing what they would create after their smash hit debut album, Sigh no more. Before I go ahead, I must admit that I was instantly captivated by their previous album, it had so much energy, and the lyrics were deep and meaningful. It was always in my vehicle’s CD pouch, it was that good, and in other words I had really high expectations from Babel. And they did not disappoint one bit.

The title track didn’t start in the slow manner in which Sigh no more did, instead Marcus Mumford delivers a brilliant faster track which will leave you trying to replicate singing Babel Babel in the shower. The first single I will wait has been doing its rounds on the airwaves the past couple of weeks, it has an addictive chorus and it has a live performance feel to it. Holland Road takes you after the euphoria of I will wait and delivers a calm and soothing aura which is also a crowd song that needs to be played live to a full blown audience.

The two tracks that stood out for me so far that are my favourites are Lover of the Light and Lovers’ eyes, which follows each other. This is were Marcus Mumford talented vocals come in, it takes a song and transfers it to such an extent that only a masterpiece will be inevitable. The lyrics are so good that nothing I can say will justify it. Reminder is yet another song that sounds like an acoustic guitar was just picked up as one should do and a song was constructed, I mean it in a good way.

Broken Crown is a song that was played live before Babel came out, it has the same feel as Little Lion Man on Sigh no more, and it delivers quite a few fucks in the end that makes you smile. Below my feet is the only track on Babel where an electric guitar can be heard which is quite enjoyable on a Mumford and Sons album, it blends in efficiently with all the other instruments and will draw more fans.

What Mumford and Sons did was create a unique and different album to what is so called “popular” at the moment, and with that they were rewarded to the biggest seller on the Billboard Top 200 for 2012 (600 000 sales in the first week), even surpassing Justin Biebers’ Believe (374 000) which is a reflection that there is still hope for the human race. I give Babel 9 out of 10.


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