One of our favorite local acts, Moses Metro Man, released their brand new single and lyric video, Vuur teen Vuur, yesterday on the web. We friggin love it! Huge fans of their work, and sadly, we still need to see these bru’s perform live.

Back to the single, it was recorded by Blakk Productions and contains the signature MMM strong chorus together with an acoustic ensemble of other instruments. The lyric video was produced by Treehouse Town and Ruan Kruger, and directed by Rowan van Zyl and Ruan Kruger with Jaco Pretorius as Director of Photography. The song was written in April 2015 and the lyric video was shot at The Snowflake in Potchefstroom.

“The idea behind the song is to address the fact that people tend to sit in a comfort zone and become stagnant. They live in grey areas without original opinions and become frustrated. The chorus says ‘Ons almal moet hier uit!’, which means we have to get out of these situations. The only way to move forward is with respect and peace. Fight problems with wisdom and knowledge and stand up for something you believe in.”Jako Meyer.

vuur teen vuur

The lyric video, a first for MMM, features a venue which is rough around the edges and lyrics written by hand in a diary; imagery chosen to reflect the rawness and honesty of the song’s lyrics. Shots of the band performing also features in the video.

“We are very excited about VUUR TEEN VUUR. We hope that people will find the song appealing. People need to feel. People need to heal.”

Gaan kyk gerus na die video hieronder, dis lekker!