MK, you raised us, and helped us through our teenage years. You were there when heartbreak set in and you taught us the difference between what’s ‘kak’ and what’s actually good. But you’ve been gone for far too long.

Yes, we know MK89 (or MK, if you prefer) has been dead for a damned long time now, but we can’t help reminisce about the good ‘ol days.

MK was, and will always be, one of the greatest things ever to happen to South African television. Well, that and Bikini Babes on etv. We grew up with the channel. It was playing when we got home from school, it was on when house parties were still a thing (the best damned thing!), and it made us fail a few tests in high school… I mean, that was our own fault, but the videos and channel altogether were like a drug!


These days, MK can only be found on YouTube. We love checking out the latest musiek kiekies and going crazy when a local artist drops a KIEF new tune. Yes, damn good times. The purpose of this post is to find out whether some of you still remember music videos playing on the legendary channel, and to hear which were your favourite.

But first, here are a few of our favourites. Sit back, relax and enjoy these goodies from yesteryear. These were the ones that made MK! And don’t forget to tell us what your absolute favourite was!

For the people who have no idea what we’re talking about:

“It was a mostly Afrikaans music channel, launched in mid-2005, as MK89, that is part of the DStv bouquet of satellite channels owned by MultiChoice/M-Net, based in South Africa. MK is for Musiek Kanaal (Music Channel) and 89 was the original channel number on DStv satellite decoders.”

Hold onto your nostalgia, we’re going in deep!

What do you think? Did we leave any out?