After all the shit Microsoft has been getting for their revised DRM policies, they have finally done the right thing, by dropping their restrictions on sharing games for the Xbox One. They’ve also done away with that fucking stupid “24 hour check-in” thing, just to show that they aren’t complete douche-bags.


“Come on, bro. We were just fucking around, hahaha… ha”

Many believe that this sudden change of “heart”, was due to the massive outcry from gamers everywhere, but it’s obvious that Sony is the real reason. With one press conference, Microsoft had alienated a huge part of their fan base, and Sony jumped right on this opportunity, by doing the exact opposite of what Microsoft did.


“Hey, Microsoft… would you like us to buy you dinner before we fuck you?”

But all the smug faces at Sony might have to delay their victory dances for now, with this announcement from the makers of the Xbone.

Microsoft left a bad taste in the mouths of many of their fans, so, is it too little too late? Let us know what you think in the comments.