So, if you’ve been paying attention, you may notice that we here at Why Ed, are not huge fans of Microsoft’s next gen offering; the Xbox One. But, if we weren’t convinced enough about choosing the PS4 over the “Xbone”, we are now, thanks to Sony’s E3 conference.


So we all know Microsoft’s reveal event for the Xbox One kind of bombed. But now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, Sony has taken the stage, and spent a good 20 minutes, just ripping their competitor’s console apart.

Sony seems to have learned their lesson about the pricing of their consoles, and have set the price for the PS4 at $100 less than  the Xbox One. You’ll only need to fork out $399 for a PS4 (that’s R4000), where you’ll have to come up with $499 (R5000) to get yourself an Xbone.


Microsoft has confirmed restrictions on used games, whereas Sony very publicly shot this down, and confirmed that they will not be putting any new restrictions on disc-based games.

Also, where the Xbox One will require you to be online at least once a day, the PS4 will require no such thing. This is great news, because we see now point in having to be always online.

Just to rub salt in Microsoft’s already infected, open wounds, Sony put out this little treasure of a video. The video goes over the extremely technical process, of how to share your PS4 games with your friends 🙂



Now, we don’t know about you, but we think Microsoft has some serious changes they need to make if they are even going to be a competitor to the PS4.

This could be how Sony will win the “console wars”.