Several Negan collectibles are headed our way this year, and McFarlane Toys is currently showing them all off at Toy Fair.

The reigning king of all “The Walking Dead” villains, Negan sure has made an impression since coming onto the scene and bashing in the heads of two fan-fave characters, and McFarlane is paying tribute to his reign of terror with some awesome toys.

A Lucille replica bat and 7″ figure of the man are headed our way, but McFarlane also previewed a couple previously-unseen figures at Toy Fair. First up is a 10″ figure of Negan (due out in the Fall), posed and ready to bash in someone’s skull, and we’re also getting a Negan and Glenn 5″ deluxe box set (set for release this coming Summer).

Dwight, Negan’s somewhat-reluctant right hand man, is even getting his own 7″ figure in the Fall. At this time, McFarlane only has early art of that one to show off.

Check out “The Walking Dead” Toy Fair reveals via Toyark.

Via Bloody Disgusting