Love him or hate him with “the white hot intensity of a thousand suns”, Marilyn Manson is still one of the most iconic people ever to get on a stage. A fair bit of his iconic status, can be attributed to his “peculiar” appearance; the makeup, the contact lenses and pretty much everything else…


We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing him when he’s all decked out in his strange “attire”, that we forget that under all that, is probably a normal looking guy… Well, you decide.


Yip, that’s Marilyn Manson without the makeup, looking suspiciously like that dude from “Blades of Glory” or Spenny From “Kenny vs Spenny”. The picture above was taken on the set of the show “Eastbound & Down”; a show Manson is apparently a huge fan of, and has finally snagged himself a roll in. We don’t think describing him as “normal” when he’s not wearing the makeup is accurate, since he’s in the getup more often than not.

But, he definitely looks a little more human, and we’re not sure that’s a good thing… At least when he’s wearing the makeup, we know to steer clear of the dude.  Knowing that he could be walking among us at any time, freaks us out more than a little.

Please stick with the makeup, man!