If you’re into skateboarding and love a good #Skaatsplank video, this one is for you. We would like to introduce you to MAJER!

These guys are what skateboarding is all about at the moment; having fun, ripping and killing it! With a solid crew of 9 skaters, they are taking on the skateboarding world with insane tricks and videos!

This is what you need to watch and sommer subscribe to their YouTube channel. But first, here’s a little information on how they started their skateboarding journey.

It started as just good friends that got along really well and enjoyed the same passion and love for skateboarding. It was just 5 of us when the Crew first got started. It was more of a joke then it was anything at first. So, my Brother, Jacob Gonzalez, was the one to come up with the name MAJER. Going by the first letters of each of our first names. Mike, Angel, Jacob, Eddie, Rick.

This all happened randomly driving home from a skate session at a park that is about an hour drive away. Well, on that drive back MAJER CREW was born!! The Original 5 were in that car ride. Me (Eddie), my bro (Jacob), my cousin (Angel), and our two friends Mikey and Rick. This is why we were more family than friends from the beginning.

Then we started the first ever Majer video, Called (We are MAJER). About a year later we started adding on other Members to the Crew, these people were added because they were, and are legit friends, and truly down for the MAJER CREW. Now, there is a Total of 9 of us right now and we are all good friends and still, skate, film and hang out together all the time.

We have accomplished so many things we never thought we would ever accomplish. Especially coming out where we are from, Edinburg Texas. The street spots out here almost don’t exist at all. The parks are few and not the best either. But this didn’t stop us, We wanted to get our names out there and make our dreams come true.

Together we are unstoppable and still setting the goals and dreams higher. To one day be able to travel the world skating and filming with our skate fans that we have gained over the years!! Much love for all our Fans and Supporters out there!!

We are Truly Blessed and Thankful for each other and for all the support we get from you fans out there!! Thank you –MAJER CREW

You’ve heard their story. Now watch our picks of their best videos… in no particular order. Subscribe today!