Thanks to Lentedag, students from all over have an opportunity to pretend for one Wednesday in September that it is already the weekend, put on their best summer attire and head out to the Botanical gardens of Pretoria.

Covered in sunscreen and feeling a little deceived by Spring skipping town so early and letting Summer’s heat get the best of us, we got on a noisy bus filled with cheery students, all heading to the gardens.

When we arrived the people flowed quickly into the venue and soon enough I was standing with a cold one in one hand and Bad Peter’s music in my ears. Lentedag offered us a brilliant line-up which included the groovy Grassy Spark, the fantastic Desmond & the Tutus and the legendary Mango Groove.

The Budweiser Forest Dance Floor created a safe space of shade to escape the sunlight, but not its heat. Luckily being distracted by the music of Headphase x Miki San Tzu, Disco Izrael, Kyle Cassim and Chunda Munki made it easier to ignore the sweltering heat.

In between the bands and hiding away from the sun, people either gathered in the Beerpong Olympics Arena to show off their beer pong skills or made their way to the fantastic food stalls.
Lentedag was a great success this year, despite the muggy weather. Thank you to the organizers for hosting such a hot event.

You can check out all the photos on their Facebook page.