Warner Bros. wanted a sequel to I Am Legend, but they were struggling with the concept and basically getting it off the ground, so the next best thing is obviously, a reboot!

The news comes from Deadline, who says that the franchise reboot will not include Will Smith. The actor doesn’t seem very interested in doing any sequels these days anyway. Maybe he’s still hurting from After Earth?

The studio is basically taking an already existing spec script that they acquired earlier this year called A Garden At The End Of The World, and changing it up to fit the I Am Legend story. The script was written by Gary Graham, who worked at the Apple store in midtown Manhattan before his script was picked up.

The original script is described as “a sci-fi version of John Wayne’s The Searchers.” The studio executives and producers felt that there were enough similarities to the themes and mythology of I Am Legend in the script that they asked Graham to redraft the script so that it would fit the franchise.

And in totally unconfirmed news; the great Jaden Smith might be playing the lead character… just kidding, but we did get your heart pumping for a moment?
Jaden Smith I am Legend
Source: GeekTyrant