It looks like things could have gone a lot worse in terms of who was killed off in The Walking Dead season seven premiere. A video has leaked showing off an alternate death that would have been pretty devastating. Read our talk about the premiere before reading this article, and the supposed scene with Maggie…

It was sad enough to watch Abraham and Glenn die. Even though we kind of knew it was coming, it was sad to see them go in such a nightmarish way. Well, in an alternate version of the show, Abraham actually lives and Maggie and her unborn child are the ones who die. Her death is just as brutal, and we’re glad they didn’t end up going down. That would have been insanely heartbreaking. And would that have been “alright” for TV? With so many people watching?


The blurry footage below shows Maggie taking two wicked blows to the head from Negan’s barb wire-wrapped bat. Glenn cries out to his pregnant wife but is knocked out. After the first blow we hear Negan say, “Ooh, look at that. Taking it like a champ.”

As you saw in the season premiere, there were multiple death scenes shot, and clips of them were used in the premiere as Rick envisioned the rest of their deaths. If you want to see exactly how Maggie’s death would have gone down, check out the video below.