The story of Laces Out started with Air Jordan 1s, and spilled coffee that soaked the body of the sneakers and stained the laces. If you’re a sneaker fan, that’s one of the worst things you could possibly imagine.

The body of the sneakers was rescued, but Murphy’s law is not usually very kind, and the laces were left totally ruined. Have you ever tried removing stains from laces? Have you ever been to a festival down in the dirt, and then tried to remove all the accumulated dust, grime, and oil from said laces? Yeah, not worth it. Buy new laces? Would they prove a perfect fit for the shoe? Would your sneakers look like their pristine selves again? Chances are dishearteningly slim. It’s a horrible world out there with stained laces. Bad things happen to good shoes. We don’t want this to happen to any of you, and neither does Laces Out.

This is where Laces Out comes in.

They shared the story above on Facebook, where it was met with many other people who took to the comments section to share their own similar stories. There was no store that could assist with supplying exact laces for specific sneakers. Because of this, a small Amazon store transformed into an incredible online community, dedicated to sneaker culture and lifestyle. This is the part where we come in. We had the chance to look over their store and inventory, and we can honestly say that it’s absolutely massive! Laces for every pair of sneakers there is! No more need to throw out your old, stained laces along with your sneakers. Just replace the laces, and Ta-Da! Looks brand new! You’ll be strutting your stuff in the streets, the club, and just about any party in no time.

But first, let’s go over the yummy details.

There’s not much worse than buying a pair of shoelaces that doesn’t fit your sneakers. Everything you need to know about buying the right size shoelace for your sneakers is in this helpful little chart. When you’ve located the right size, make sure to browse Laces Out‘s massive selection of premium sneaker shoelaces.

Number of Eyelets Recommended Length (In)  Recommended Length (CM)
4 36 114
5 36/45 114/137
6 45/54 114/137
7 54/63 137/160
8 63/72 160/182
9 72 182
10 72 182


Eyelet? Yes, we can also give you the breakdown of an eyelet.






First off, eyelets are what you call the holes used to thread the laces of shoes. The sneaker in the image has 8 total eyelets, 4 on each side.

They don’t count eyelets individually, they count them as pairs. The sneaker to the left would be classified as having 4 eyelets, not 8.

It’s important to count the eyelets on your sneakers before purchasing a pair of laces. Miscounting the number of eyelets will lead you to the wrong lace size.

Laces Out does whatever it can to match up sneakers with correct lace lengths for you, but there are lot of shoes out there – using eyelets is the easiest method of ensuring your laces will be the right size.



The guys over at Laces Out provided us with a great infographic on laces and their products, all of which you can check it out below.

laces out


We’d recommend you head on over to Laces Out and get yourself some sparkly new laces right now. You never know when you’ll need your sneakers to look their best.

Check out their YouTube channel for more: