Kate Upton Zero Gravity

Kate Upton looks good anywhere, and the best proof of this comes from Sports Illustrated after we saw the pictures of her not abiding to the rules of gravity. A true masterpiece on the artsy side of things, as well as on the scientific side. You will learn so much about gravity and the ‘Zero G’ weightless experience from looking at the pictures, and NASA will undoubtedly receive a few extra applications after this.

This is Kate starting the shoot: All pictures by Sports Illustrated.

kate-1-1 kate-2-1 kate-3-1 kate-5-1 Kate Upton Gravity

The end result: Feast your eyes on these – zero G for the win! Photos by James Macari.

Kate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate Upton