Jack Parow can’t be prouder to present the music video for “My Koninkryk”. This is the second single and music video from his latest album, Afrika 4 Beginners, which was released at the very end of 2017.

“My Koninkryk” (My Kingdom) is Jack Parow’s ode to South Africa and this song captures the essence of Afrika 4 Beginners.

“Oh no, what’s a bunny chow, buddy

no no bunny, half loaf curry

bro don’t worry, you wanna feel better?

medicine man make your d*ck grow bigger

klomp goeie tye, dalk klein bietjie crime

maar ons rol dik rustig op African time.”

Jack Parow loves to let our country’s breathtaking landscapes and people colour in his music videos as with his other two road trip music videos, “Dis hoe ons rol” and “P.A.R.T.Y.”.

“My Koninkryk” was filmed during a week-long road trip exploring the West Coast. This road trip music video again underscores Parow’s deep love for our crazy country and its beautiful people.

Check it out and fokken geniet!