It’s always fun to hear new rumors about E3. The latest comes from JeuxVideo (via GamesRadar) and it says that Microsoft will announce two consoles from Project Scarlet, their next-gen consoles, at this year’s E3. The report says that they are the Xbox Lockheart and the Xbox Anaconda (codenames that are not new to those keeping up on the rumors).

Reports vary a bit at this point though. GamesRadar seems to be convinced that Lockheart will be the rumored disc-less Xbox One that will sell for around $200. Meanwhile, GamesRadar also believes that Anaconda will be a slimmer and updated version of the Xbox One X. However, according to JeuxVideo, the console will be part of the next-gen family of consoles being called Scarlet. Here are the specs that JeuxVideo has released for the systems though:

We still think there’s about another year before next-gen systems are announced, but we could be wrong. It does make more sense to bring out new consoles instead of these new versions that seem oddly timed.