I recently decided I needed a helping hand in my blogging crusade, not that kind of helping hand, although if it was Kate Upton with a lot of lotion, that would be another story but it is not. I needed someone that could also write a bit because I can not try to come up or discover shit and try to entertain all of you so I roped in another similar minded counter part internet crusader. I enjoyed his style of writing before I asked him to join because I thought he can add a little extra to the party, like those last round of shots at a bar that just makes the night. His style of writing may be frowned upon and called cynical in some cultures; I call it downright fucking straight and unapologetic. So without further ado, here is another person that will be involved in Why Ed, Mister Tank. Treat him well!

So probably against his better judgment Ed asked me to get involved with “Why Ed?”,

I feel so honored… even though he was almost definitely drunk when he asked me.

I’m new to this whole blogging thing but will be doing my best to entertain all you kickass people!

I’ll be writing about music, games or whatever the fuck I feel like writing. My name is Tank and anyone

Who knows me, knows why this nickname is appropriate…

Anyway here’s something you may not know about writing, it’s fucking hard!

As I found out during my writing course. Finishing off a whole pack of smokes while

Writing just one article, after 5 cups of coffee, will make you wonder “what the fuck am I doing!?”

But it’s all worth it in the end, if you can make someone else laugh, cry or masturbate…

By using only the power of the written word, then your work is done.