The Tiny Fantastics will be performing at East City Live, Harringtons on Thursday 4 April – Known for its signature rustic-glam style, Harringtons Cocktail Lounge is the perfect venue for an intimate music experience. East City Live happens every Thursday: featured acts start playing at around 8pm and DJ session kicks in after 10pm. Entry is free. Reservations for tapas and bigger groups are recommended: 021-461 2276 / Half Price Tapas & Happy Hour 4-7pm.

The Tiny Fantastics. is infectious 70s funk at its contemporary best. We chatted to some of the band members:

Tell us how The Tiny Fantastics first came together?

TTF started out as an informal chat in Harringtons between Marné & I a couple of months ago. Marn called me back soon after looking for a funk band to play a gig for one of his clients. We quickly realized that there was a huge gap in market for the Cape Town music scene, which predominantly focuses on the jazz folks in that sub-genre. We both pulled our peeps together for one big family meeting which THE TINY FANTASTICS makes up for the 7 piece funk band you’ll get to see on stage this Thursday. – Maurice

What has been the highlights for the group so far?

Within in two months of the band being together, we’ve played great events like Design Indaba & we got to play in front of the Shark Tank at the Aquarium just to name a few. We can’t wait to see what this year has planned for us!! – Simon

What can fans expect from your set on Thursday at East City Live?

Guests can expect that BIG BRASS FUNK SOUND mixed with an energetic band to back Carla’s sultry Janis tone. We’re bringing back old school hits with our very TTF flavour. Heat up those curlers ladies & gents and join us for a night of old school groove. – Marne

What are your plans for 2019?

2019 is really the beginning of the journey for us. We will do our best to play as many funky gigs as we can find and we’re also hard at work to bring you as many cool renditions on a number of groovy Old School FUNK hits on youtube and stage alike. – Maurice

How would you explain your music to a 5-year-old?

“Fun Music for little tiny fantastics like your self” – Carla

What was the craziest thing that happened at a show?

The band got paid before a gig.. haha no there are some things better left unsaid. – Mark B

What was the best feedback that you ever got?

“Wow! Thanks for bringing FUNK back! This is what Cape Town needed” by Mella

She was this amazing woman at our first gig, a while back actually at Harringtons! She was dressed in the incredibly sexy disco jumpsuit, the styling bellbottoms with the up-do hair, you can actually the fancy hairspray from the other side of the bar. We actually thought she was a time-traveler.

Sum up each band member in 3 words?

Carla – Tiny, Fantastic & Wild

Mark G – Mr Lova Lova

Mark B – TuberMeister

Simon – Simon Houdini

Jason – Tic-Toc Time Bomb

Ian – Fantastic Silver Fox

Maurice – Bottom Line Groove-machine

Marne G – The Don Corleone

Catch The Tiny Fantastics tonight at East City Live, Harringtons!