Capital Craft will be hosting the 5th annual Capital Craft Beer Festival. Over the last few years Capital Craft Beer Festival has established itself as an indispensable part of the Pretoria social calendar not to be missed as 8000 beer and music lovers congregate in the beautiful natural scenery offered by the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. This event sets the bar for the industry with over 35 brewers present, ample entertainment available and a massive variety of food to choose from. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event.

Capital Craft Beer Fest promises to be a well-executed and unforgettable experience.

With all of that said, we had a chat with one of the brewers on the day, Sabie Brewing Company.

Ola! Thanks for chatting to us. Are you excited for the Capital Craft Beer Festival?

Oh Yes- when the British army made the song famous “we are marching to Pretoria” it was gold, diamonds and war on their agenda. More recently we saw Pretoria mobolised again and marching for political reasons- we missed out on both but this time we will be descending on the capital with good music, good food and great beer as the mission.

Lekker! What can people expect from Sabie at the festival?

Most importantly- good beer. We have had a lot of support in Sabie at the brewery from folks in Pretoria- they always ask where they can get our beer locally and this is a chance to allow our seasonal customers to enjoy their favourite pint right there in Pretoria

Sounds like a jol! What has been your greatest accomplishment as a brewery in South Africa?

There are a few- we won a gold medal for our IPA at the SA National Beer Competition in 2015 and also won the Lowveld Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year award. However, probably the best accomplishment is that we have slowly but surely penetrated the local (Panorama route) market and people are visiting our area and associate the region with our beer. An understated accomplishment is that we are still in business after 30 months and have not lost or eroded our core values.

Joh. That’s awesome. What is your favorite type of beer? And why?

Tough question. I have 7 regular styles and I love them all. I find each has its own character and is enjoyed at different times of the day. The Weiss is a great breakfast beer that I enjoy after we have mashed in and can keep you sustained and hydrated right through the day. The IPA is heavier and very well balanced however will get you into trouble quicker than you may want. The Dunkel is malty and fills you up so better you enjoy it in the late afternoon. Our Glynn’s Gold (London Ale) and Safari Gold (Belguim Blonde) are both delicious session beers. You can sip on them continually through a full 5 day test and remember who made the runs!.

Haha! How would you describe the first sip of a Sabie Brew?

A slice of heaven. At first many people seem a little surprised and then it dawns on them that this is how beer should have tasted all along and that they have wasted half their drinking lives quaffing and paying for dish water!

We can’t wait. If you could have any artist drink a Sabie beer on stage, who would it be? And why?

Bob Dylan- the answer is blowing in the wind. This is such a talented artist whose lyrics stimulate and provoke thought. Exactly what a good beer should do.

What makes Sabie Brewing different to other brewers? And why should people come and line up at your stall at the festival?

Many people will not have tasted our beer so this will be their first time to compare our beer to the many other fine craft breweries out there. Those that have tasted our beer will want to do it again and again- the beer speaks for itself.

Why do you think Craft Beer Festivals are a necessity in South Africa?

Our strap line is “REAL BEER- FOR CRAFT SAKE” Festivals allow the broader public an opportunity to explore the very diverse styles of beer made in different ways that make a mockery of the lousy commercial beers out there that are brewed with a focus on shareholder returns rather than the craft and art of brewing. Drinking beer should be one of the fundamentally pleasurable experiences one has- it should not be a mission

Coolios! How can people get hold of you after the festival?

Our website is or they can mail me on

Don’t miss out on Sabie Brewing and Capital Craft Beer Festival. Book your tickets today! Jinne!