After a chance meeting in 2007, South Africans Pascal Ellinas and Dave Pearce began the long winding road that is now the stellar and versatile production/DJ duo of Pascal & Pearce. Pascal & Pearce are known for their ability to play at any venue, be it large scale festivals or intimate poolside events, their sets have been described as progressive, driving, funky, melodic and energetic.

Both Dave and Pascal have very diverse backgrounds in music, which combined with their love for the industry provides an abundance of energy which is both seen and felt by the crowd. having performed at many clubs and festivals across southern Africa, Pascal & Pearce have also performed in London, Doha, Zanzibar, and Mauritius, with their sights set on more tours abroad.

Pascal & Pearce’s musical contributions have been well recognized in South Africa, and they have been nominated for 3 SAMAS (South African music awards) in the best dance album and best remix categories in 2012 and 2013.

They have released 5 albums through South African record label just music. ‘Passport’, a double disc album, was released in September 2011. ‘Passport 2.0’ was released in February 2012, and between the two albums 4 singles reached Top 10 status on the local top 40, with 3 of those singles entering the top 5, and one of them peaking at number 1.


We caught up with the guys:

Hi there. Thanks for having the time to chat with us. You guys just brought out a new remix, I Should Have Said. Has the recording of the new song been different to your previous tunes?

Hello! No worries at all, and thank you guys. Process wise, the remix was the same as all other remixes we’ve done – the style however is something a little different, not our usual P&P sound. It’s always fun to experiment!

What have you guys been up to for the past couple of years?

Lot’s of touring, lot’s of production. We were between record labels for a while, so we haven’t really been putting a lot of music out – but we’ve been stock piling, and we just signed a deal with Universal SA, so we’re looking forward to getting a lot of that music out there!

What’s your personal favorite memory of playing in Pascal & Pearce?

D: Probably opening for Afrojack in 2012, that was a cool milestone for me!

P: Too many to name, but one memory that sticks out now is holding our first album for the first time.

How would you describe a Pascal & Pearce performance?

Lot’s of energy, a nice dynamic mix of tunes. Our sets can differ so much from venue to venue, it all depends on the crowd we’re playing for. But we always like to keep it diverse – a bit of this, a bit of that, keep the crowd guessing.

How would you describe playing a show in South Africa as opposed to the States or Europe?

From our experience, SA is really up there. South Africans know how to party, and that we think is the secret to any good jol – it’s all about the people. And besides that, we have some really world class parties in our back yard – Ultra, Rocking The Daisies to name a few… the production of those events is insane, truly world class.

Where can people find Pascal & Pearce next?

We’ve got big plans for 2017 – as we mentioned we’ve just signed with Universal SA, so expect lots of new releases in the coming months. We’ve really been honing our production skills over the last few years, so we’re really excited about what’s to come!

What is the secret of staying relevant in an ever-changing South African music scene for almost 10 years?

Stay true to yourself. Fads come and go, you need to make and play the music that you like – the rest will follow 🙂