Capital Craft will be hosting the 5th annual Capital Craft Beer Festival. Over the last few years Capital Craft Beer Festival has established itself as an indispensable part of the Pretoria social calendar not to be missed as 8000 beer and music lovers congregate in the beautiful natural scenery offered by the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. This event sets the bar for the industry with over 35 brewers present, ample entertainment available and a massive variety of food to choose from. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event.

Capital Craft Beer Fest promises to be a well-executed and unforgettable experience.

On that, we’re also giving away tickets to the event, follow the jump!

With all of that said, we had a chat with one of the artists performing on the day, Josh Kempen. Performing on the Acoustic Stage (Forest Stage) at 13:15 on the day.

Hi Josh. Thanks for taking the time to chat. Are you excited to be performing at the Capital Craft Beer Festival?

Incredibly excited!

What beers are you keen on trying on the day?

You know I’ve only recently gotten into beers and I’ve only figured out a couple that I like. So I might just wonder around with an open mind and see what I get into!

Sounds like a plan. If you could have a few beers with any artist, who would it be? And why?

There’s a bunch, but I’ll say Flume. Mainly because I just think we’d get along.

Haha. What are your thoughts on Craft Beer Festivals in South Africa?

My first one was last year and I was gobsmacked. It was like Oppi but with more shade. So well attended, and every stage was packed with really warm responsive crowds (God bless Pretoria!).

Indeed to the max. How would you describe your sound to a person who hasn’t heard you play?

I’d tell them something like, ‘alternative folk and rock n’ roll’, but they really should just take a listen.

People should listen more 😉 Any surprises in store for the people who are going to watch you perform?

Every show has a bit of surprise these days. There’ll be songs you haven’t heard, and a lot of good times.

Nice. What has been your highlight in your musical career?

Probably my first Oppikoppi. But most of my best shows tends to fill my heart with maximum satisfaction.

Insane, and well done! Thanks for the chat. Where can people find you next?

Thank you! I’m playing at the SA Bike Festival on 27 May, and Groves & Vinyards on 28 May.

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