Canadian rock band Crash Test Dummies will be visiting South Africa in February 2018. The tour will be led by Brad Roberts, lead singer and songwriter for the band, and fans will be able to enjoy a fun-filled day-time picnic in both Cape Town and Pretoria, while jamming to the performance of this extraordinary band.

There is no mistaking the unique bass-baritone voice of lead singer Brad Roberts which no doubt will be conjuring fond memories of Crash Test Dummies hits over the last two decades. The band received international acclaim with their sophomore record, ‘God Shuffled His Feet’, released in 1993. Their single ‘MMM MMM MMM MMM’ went to the top of the billboard charts in America and then in Europe. Over the years the band has touched on funk and soul, folk, electronic music and even Christmas tunes and now fans will be able to enjoy Roberts’ voice and offbeat lyrical sensibility as they perform live to their South African fans.

Crash Test Dummies will be joined on stage by legendary South African bands aKING, Bed On Bricks, WONDERboom and Adventure Man.

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With that said, we had a chat with Laudo from aKING before the jol starts…

Photo by Kent Andreasen

Hi, Laudo! Great to chat with you. How excited are you by sharing the stage with Crash Test Dummies?

We’re moerse amped not only to play, but to see CTD perform tracks that we still listen to since the 90’s. I think I bought 4 or 5 copies of ‘God shuffled his feet’ over the years and it’s still a feel-good go-to album. Nostalgic, philosophical and hilarious all in one.

What can the fans expect from aKING at the shows?

We’ll be performing a set of songs that we feel fits the mood of the day and the acts that perform alongside us. Seeing that it’s 10 years since we released ‘Dutch Courage’ we want to take people on a journey with us through our catalogue over the years.

aKING has been known to have energetic and insane live shows. How do you guys amp yourself up before a set?

A couple of poorly orchestrated warm-ups to test the old machine – a shot or two and a good staring contest between 4 people usually gets us ready. Then it’s about enjoying yourself and tapping into that lucky feeling of sharing the stage with your friends

There have been numerous international acts in South Africa the past couple of years, which artists would you still like to see live in South Africa?

Queens of the stone age/arctic monkeys/ the strokes/ war on drugs/ beck – to name but a few.

You’ve been around for a decade as aKING. What has been your greatest achievement or milestone as aKING?

I think it’s already an achievement to reach a decade of being in a band in this country. We’ve played amazing venues and met incredible people through the years – ups and downs ,strikes and gutters – like any relationship. We love making music together, and if you do it for the right reasons then you can continue having fun with it.

When Crash Test Dummies take the stage, who from AKING will be right in front checking out the show?

I think all of us will find a place where the sound is the best and enjoy the band from there. Who knows, if there’s a great energy then I’ll probably worm my way through to the front.

What is next for aKING?

We’re writing again and plan to release some songs in the up coming months. It’s been a while since we’ve been in studio, so we’re really looking forward to go in and see how our sound has changed and evolved this time around.

*Header Image by Dutch Courage