I started Why Ed, Now What? Am I Famous Yet?

Here’s a question we think needs answering.

Blogging has become one of the most talked about “careers” in the world at the moment. People starting out with their blogs in the hope of becoming an overnight millionaire/celebrity/Mashable. Sad news buddy, it doesn’t happen as often or as easily as you think. In most cases blogs die silently on the interwebs in a matter of weeks. “Bloggers” don’t get their free stuff and event tickets, so what’s the point of continuing the blog? “I didn’t get anything out of it so far, so why continue to share the same press release or viral video circulating?” Or; “I’ll rather just share it on my Facebook feed and spare myself the trouble.” True story! The sad reality of blogging.

But blogging has become an everyday activity/escape for a few dedicated people, we here at Why Ed enjoy it. A lot! But we’re nowhere near making enough money from it to quit our day-jobs. We’re stuck in the same boring-as-hell 9 to 5 routines every single day. The funny thing is, we don’t even work in fields related to social media/online content creation. Ed is stuck in a soul-draining career, and hates every moment of it, and Tank… well, he’s Tank, and studying at the moment. So, no escaping the Carte Blanche-blues on a Sunday evening. We’re also part of it! We have to endure early morning traffic, depressing office hours, writing content in between meetings, and the office phone ringing constantly. Then we also endure the afternoon traffic like everyone else. We’re not sitting on our asses at home in front of a computer screen. Nope, we’re sitting on our asses, at a day-job in front of a computer screen (trying to figure out what we’re going to write about that day while juggling work to make a living). Not as glamorous as you initially thought, huh? We’re basically doing two jobs at the same time. It’s no mean feat or accomplishment, we choose this.

Many people also assume bloggers have lavish lifestyles (there are those out there who have this privilege) and party each and every night… if we partook in ‘jolling’ every single night, we would be dead in the office the next morning. We all know the feeling of coming into work with one hell of a headache and cotton-mouth, and trying to explain our state to our bosses with bloodshot eyes and a hint of beer on our breath.

I am a blogger. Am I generating a steady enough income to quit my job? Nope. It may never even happen if you don’t have the right content or time to make your blog a success. You have to give it the proper attention and dedication to make “blogging for a living” a reality. Why Ed strives to be one of the best entertainment blogs in South Africa (read in a few months, the world); we’re not there yet, but we’re slowly and surely getting there in the ever-changing internet game.

This post was merely written because Ed is tired of his day-job getting in the way of his blogging quest. As you might’ve noticed, the posts on Why Ed are shorter and some of them are not “up to standard” anymore. Sorry about that! We will try and make time to restore Why Ed to its former “glory” and daily awesomeness!