Earlier this year, the late George Romero‘s wife, Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, had teased that a largely unseen film Romero shot in ’73 was going to be restored and released for all to see, which needless to say got horror fans incredibly excited. Then, just this past weekend, author Daniel Kraus revealed the film’s title, The Amusement Park, along with more info.

In a series of tweets late Saturday night, Kraus revealed that he was watching the 60-minute film*, calling it “a revelation,” as well as “Romero’s most overtly horrifying film.”

(*Contrary to other recent reports, the film is not 25 minutes long.)

“The people who funded it wouldn’t allow it. And no wonder. It’s hellish. In Romero’s long career of criticizing American institutions, never was he so merciless,” Kraus continued. “Where can you see this savage masterwork? You can’t. But I’m dedicating myself to changing that. Can you help? Yes, probably. Give me some time to figure out what’s what.”

In The Amusement Park, which was written by Wally Cook…

“An elderly gentleman sets out for what he thinks will be a normal day at an amusement park and is soon embroiled in a waking nightmare the likes of which you’ve never seen.”

One thing we want to make clear is that The Amusement Park is *not* a horror movie (despite having a dark side), but rather a PSA on age discrimination that Romero was hired to make early in his career. It was filmed for TV but never actually released, and Desrocher-Romero explained to us over the phone that it features a cameo from a young Romero himself.

So the big question is, how can you help make sure it’s soon released for all to see? Well, the George A. Romero Foundation first needs some money for the restoration before they can look into distribution, and over on the foundation’s website you can currently donate to the cause. If enough money is raised, The Amusement Park will indeed be restored and released.

Head over to the George Romero Foundation to pitch in today!