This September, 10 of South Africa’s local rock legends unite as one in the battle against cancer, in support of the Vrede Foundation.

For the 3rd annual Blood Brothers, South Africa’s first rock supergroup features 6 brand new members to take up arms against their biggest struggle yet. In their quest for victory, they will be performing your favourite hits, as well as songs by their own heroes. The choices are bold, the tal-ent undeniable, the result – unforgettable.

Experience the rare opportunity to witness 10 of our best local rockstars together on one stage for one night only! For the first time, they will be defending their rightful rock legacy at a brand new bat-tlefield known for reinventing the live music scene in Johannesburg – The Good Luck Bar.

Fighting for liberty, this year’s line-up includes veteran fighters Francois van Coke, Albert Frost, Kobus De Kock Jnr and Jason Hinch. Joining the revelry this year are newcomers Garth Barnes, Hanu De Jong, Chris Van Der Walt, Jaco Mans, Jason Oosthuizen, Loandi Boersma and fans can also look forward to a few special guest surprise performances!

With 3 hours of non-stop rock ’n roll, the battle lines have been drawn. Pick your side, buy your ticket. #tenunite

With that said, we had a quick chat with The Narrow frontman, Hanu De Jong.

Hi, Hanu. Great to talk to you! This is your first time at Blood Brothers, how are you feeling about the performing with all these artists on one stage?

I’m very nervous! So many musicians and talented people look at you and go: “Okay, show us how it’s done”.
It’s a great challenge and I’m having a ball!

Blood Brothers is a unique setup. What was your reaction when Blood Brothers approached you to be part of the show?

I didn’t give them time to finish typing the message on WhatsApp… I was like “If this is about BB, I’m in!”.

Haha! How is the mood in the Blood Brothers camp about the show? Any interesting stories or moments that stood out for you so far?

This year’s group is insane… honestly, have you seen the line-up!?
These are the hardest working rockers out there. The people who need to be kicked out the clubs and venues at the end of the night.
The real deal. So the songs selection and enthusiasm for the event reflects that.

We can’t wait for it! The Narrow started a crowdfunding campaign to launch your new album, how has the reception been on the decision to go on this route?

We only tour once or twice a year so our funds are limited. Getting our fans involved seemed the best option. The response has been good and we reached our goal!

Which of the tracks from the new album are you keen on performing on your upcoming tour?

We wanted to do the entire album, but decided to keep it to 4 of the new tracks, including the new single “Evil”.

How difficult was it to create the new album for The Narrow from different continents? The challenges must have been quite unique?

Well easy actually. It worked out that we could get everyone into one room over 2 weekends and just live tracked it all!
The post production and mixing was done in Pretoria, Auckland, Isle of man and Los Angeles!

You’re from Pretoria North (same as us) and that it has quite a reputation of being all about rugby, bakkies, Bulle and just a tad zef. How would you describe growing up and starting your musical journey from the North?

Pta North has a lot of bored people! We grew up keeping ourselves busy by jamming. I think it’s still like that. I still love my rugby and still make music when I’m bored 🙂

Hahaha! Thanks. Last question. Why should people check out Blood Brothers in 2017?

Because it will never happen again!! Well, not with the same group of talented, hard-ass rockers!

Thanks for the chat. Be sure to Book Online today to see this amazing show!