Most of you know by now that I did this whole thing of not drinking for a month to let my body rest and some other stuff that didn’t bode that well with my social life, or lack thereof. And Wednesday I was done, no more staying home on a Friday night or skipping that round of shots at the bar. I did my time and had to give back what I have taken from my social life, or lack thereof. So with the joy in my heart of not drinking for 31 days I headed out with good friends, I ordered one tequila, a Brandy special and an ice cold Windhoek draught to get into my face, another tequila followed to get the mood going. And yes, I already felt like alcohol greeted me with a high five after the 2nd Brandy and coke. Then the devil juice made his rounds, the thing I can not drink, we have never been good friends ever, the fucker is named Jagemeister……..

With all this happening I took some of the most ridiculous photos and was like a tourist in a foreign country, I could not stop snapping photos and uploading them to Twitter (I have included a few that might raise a few eyebrows).

Things I have learned after that night were:

I am a sucker for shots, I pour it in my face and then I die, simple as that.

Niel has a love for the pole, he licked it or in nice Afrikaans word “Maf”

Poena pouts way too much for a guy

Tanya is no longer a germaphobe and dances funny, if you are reading this, I have a very funny video where you and Niel are shaking ya booty’s!

I can not hold onto my phone longer than 1 minute when I am intoxicated

Ruan has no idea what is going on half of the time

I get the worst hangovers in the world

Allain likes his middle finger more than any part of his body

I made a bet with Poena that we will have to do at Oppikoppi

I kissed a guy, and he liked it

Fun is the new Queen

Poena and Niel both have iPhones

And some other stuff went down that I forgot , thanks for the people that came out and hope you had such an awesome time as me. Till Tonight

Hugs and Kisses