JamPacked Productions is proud to present Hands Like Houses live in South Africa in March 2019!

Hands Like Houses will be performing three shows across three cities with incredible local acts! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in aid of wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts across South Africa, JamPacked Productions gives YOU the fourth of five tours aimed at raising R1 000 000.00 for wildlife conservation!

We have already seen the likes of Secrets, Fit For A King and Our Last Night in South Africa last year as part of the #1MillionForConservation initiative.

Co-founder & Owner/Director of JamPacked Productions, Genevieve Olivier comments: “We are so excited to bring Hands Like Houses to South Africa for the first time, especially as part of this amazing initiative! We are so incredibly grateful to all who are a part of this!” Craig Atkinson, Co-founder and Director/Business Developer added “I was lucky enough to see the guys from Hands Like Houses on Warped Tour last year. They were one of my top 3 bands at the festival and I can’t wait for South Africa to see what they have in store for us! It’s going to be crazy!”

Tour dates:

Cape Town | 3rd March – Mercury Live, Zonnebloem (No under 18s)

Johannesburg | 8th March – Sundowners, Alberton (All ages)

Pretoria | 9th March – Platteland, Centurion (No under 18s)

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With that said, I had a chat with guitarist, Alex Pearson:

Thanks for taking the time out to speak to us. We’re obviously very stoked to have more post-hardcore and metalcore acts coming across to our shores, especially considering the epic campaign Jampacked Productions have put together. With Hands Like Houses hailing from Australia, another country with a rich wildlife ecosystem, do you guys feel any special connection with the cause?

I think it’s always important to maintain a connection to nature and help raise awareness to prevent that diminishing over the years ahead. Africa especially has such a rich ecosystem that we’re happy to help any way we can.

Australia has always delivered impressive rock, hardcore, and metal bands, but I feel as if the amount of insanely cool bands coming from there and breaching the international radiowaves has increased tenfold over the last ten years, especially bands signed to your Australian label, UNFD. What do you attribute the rise in international recognition to?

I think the Australian music scene has always been really strong. Australia tends to be a tough market and they see through a lot of gimmicks so I think combining those two means that bands that do make it out are authentic and credible. You’ve gotta work your arse off so it breeds very driven and motivated bands.

You released your fourth LP, Anon, in October 2018, to quite a reception, making it your highest charting album in Australia. Your track, Monster, even became the theme song for a WWE event, which must have been quite surreal. What else is there to achieve for Hands Like Houses, any other long-term goals?

I don’t think we’ve ever had long term goals we are just taking things one step at a time and riding each opportunity to the fullest. We’re at a point now where we are getting some pretty big festival opportunities and we’d love to keep growing in that global festival market while also getting to tour some more unusual places like South Africa. We’re so excited to be coming over.

Bands in genres like post-hardcore and metalcore frequently feel pigeonholed by the genre and feel it is difficult to reinvent themselves from album to album. How does the post-hardcore label influence your writing as a band, or is it more of a ‘We write the music we like’ type of deal?

We haven’t been a post-hardcore band for a while. I think by our second album we started leaning far more towards alternative rock. We definitely don’t enjoy being labeled or having to fit any mold so we usually write whatever we want and steer as far away from any hardcore subgenres.

Photo by Megan Thompson

Since your first US tour in 2012, you have been touring the world with the heavyweights of the post-hardcore genre, with tours with the likes of Palisades, We Came As Romans, Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens coming as early as 2012. Having joined the league of heavyweights yourselves, do you find it surreal that five best friends from Canberra can be touring the world together like this?

It’s pretty crazy looking back at all the tours we’ve done and bands we’ve become friends with. Canberra is a pretty small place and to be able to be an international touring band from there is pretty incredible. I think we have to continually remind ourselves to draw breath, get perspective and look back at what we’ve done because we get so focused on what’s next sometimes

Are there any up-and-coming Australian bands you feel the world needs to know about?

Some of friends bands that rip are Young Monks, Young Lions, PLTS, Trophy Eyes and Clews. They all have such incredible music and are really working hard at creating unique music

With this being your first time coming to South Africa, what are you looking forward to most?

We don’t even know what to expect! We just can’t wait to get over there and soak it all in. Craig from JamPacked has such a great itinerary planned out for us so we’ll be blown away every day – it can’t come soon enough!!