Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents Park Electric, an electronic version of Park Acoustics featuring TIMO ODV, PHfat, The Kiffness, Napalma, Apple Gule and Luma as well as a Summer House stage!! Jinne, hierdie is kak rof en so mooi op dieselfde tyd. Traan in die oog vibes! Jou shit is gebook vir 8 April…


Pringles Main Stage

11:00 Luma
12:05 Napalma
13:10 Apple Gule
14:15 The Kiffness
15:20 Timo ODV
16:25 PHfat

Summer House Stage

Half ‘n Half
Dsco Cam x Duard
Chasing Space


R150 Online
R175 Gate

With that said, we had a quick chat with Half ‘n Half

Hey man! Back at Park Acoustics this weekend. How excited are you to be playing again at Park?

I’m so stoked. I’ve been proposing the idea of a Park Electric to the organizers for a while. Park Acoustics is such a staple within the South African and Pretoria music scene so seeing them innovate and experiment is exciting. I really hope that the show will go well.

What makes Park Acoustics such a rad jol for you?

The people, the space and the attention to detail the organizers put in. Park Acoustics is always so well curated and the fact that I’ve been asked to be part of it again is a great honor.

What can people expect from you at Park Electric?

I’ve been dabbling with a host of sounds recently merging funk with the Afrocentric quintessential house sounds.

You seem to be playing at almost every show Henk and co. are organizing. How did that happen and what are your thoughts on the guys?

I’m very lucky that the team ask me to play at their events and always hope to add a unique touch to what they’ve put together. The team is great and really do so much for the industry. South Africa’s music industry definitely owes Henk van der Schyf, Niel Groenewald, Johan Auriacombe and Willem van der Schyf an eternal debt of gratitude.

This is the first time Park Acoustics is basically all electric. Do you think it must be a regular occurrence or done once a year or so?

Park Acoustics has always had a more live music focus and I think it should definitely stay that way, as it’s so important for the scene and a staple for touring bands. Even with this all-electric lineup, the focus is on live electronic bands: Goodluck, The Kiffness, Napalma, DSCO Cam x Duard and not really just DJs. If it’s successful then I think it should be an annual thing. You don’t want to oversaturate something and have it become stagnant.

Which of the artists performing at Park Electric are you keen on seeing and having a beer with?

I love LUMA and PHFAT. I think DSCO CAM x Duard are doing something interesting and are always fun to have a few dops with.

What is next for you, after Park Electric?

I’m conceptualizing a bi-monthly show in JHB that showcases left of center music, similar to what the Summer House guys are doing in PTA. People are getting tired of the same old – same old. I’m looking to cater for those who want something different.

All photos by Deji Dada