Many gamers like to believe they’re collectors of video games, and often opt for the “collectors edition” of certain titles. However,  the sheer quantity and quality of this person’s collection, puts all others to shame. SHAME, I TELL YOU!

Nerdgasm x 1000

Nerdgasm x 1000

The collection boasts a whopping 7500+ items, ranging from games, consoles, controllers and accessories. This dude had so much stuff to take pictures, and make lists of; it took him eight hours a day, for two months, just to get it all documented. (1424 images taken).


 The reason for this guy to sell his collection? HE HAS NO MORE ROOM! He also mentioned that if he were to play all the games he has, it would take him probably three entire human life spans. It would be a shame if his collection was just gonna sit around collecting dust. It’s about time he shares his collection with others that have the time to play the games… hopefully, whoever gets their hands on this extensive collection, will break it down and sell it individually.


Now, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a collector, having only about 20 games max. Even with just 20 games, I have time to play maybe 2 or 3 a week. Which is why I’d love to see someone have a crack at playing every single game in this collection… Up for the challenge anyone?

– Tank, out