Park Acoustics and Pringles celebrates 9 years of Parks with a legendary line up!!

They are super stoked to welcome the Godfather of alternative Afrikaans music, Anton Goosen Liedjieboer, Belville sweethearts, AKING, Cape Town ska-pop mega force, Grassy Spark, P-Town indie kids, December Streets, Portuguese flavor of the month, The Barbosa Experience and then Park’s very own Moejoe vs Dr Khumalo aka Johan & Henk!!

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 The Barbosa Experience
12:05 December Streets
13:10 Anton Goosen
14:15 Grassy Spark
15:30 Aking
16:30 Moejoe vs Dr Khumalo

Sunset Comedy Stage

Alfred Adriaan
Ntosh Madlingozi
Chik Aloy


R155 Online 
R175 Gate

With that said, I had a chat with GoodLuck ahead of Park Acoustics:

Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to answer a couple of my questions. I just need to put it out there that I’ve been a huge fan-boy since I saw you guys perform at Lush 2016. What makes it strange is that I’m generally into rock and hard rock, and for some reason, your set that day just got me hooked. I think it might be because GoodLuck, and especially Juliet as frontwoman, comes across as very earnest and sincere. Is that something you try to focus on a band?

Our ethos is “Be Real, Have Fun” and we always want to be honest and open with our fans and followers, it’s not always easy being true to ourselves – but we never want to pretend to be something we’re not… so maybe it’s that wearing our hearts on our sleeve that connected that day.

GoodLuck has come a long way from your beginnings in 2011. I can still remember the Hop On/Hop Off music video frequenting MK. And to the uninformed it might seem that your current success, like touring through Europe, has come overnight, you have actually been working the music scene (as GoodLuck/GoodLuck Live) for close to a decade. How has the local scene changed around you at that time?

Back when we started we just managed to hop onto the curve, excuse the pun, after 2011, the music scene became a lot harder to break into. There are many young, talented bands and artists trying to break into the music world right now and they are all struggling to cut through the noise and clutter of social media. Venues have closed, record labels have shut their doors, promoters have gone under… it can be seen as a bleak outlook… but, it’s an industry that is also primed for disruptive strategies. Access to the global market has never been easier, it has never been cheaper to record your music, or for that matter your music video. Radio stations are no longer so genre specific that fringe sounds can’t reach the mainstream. The audience for the first time ever is able to dictate to a certain degree what they find popular rather than just having to absorb what mainstream media feeds them… there is an opportunity. You just have to be consistent, be mindful of your market and make music from your heart.

Speaking of the changing music scene, GoodLuck has released three albums, and a whole bunch of singles since the release of The Nature Within in 2016. Are singles and song releases becoming the staple now over a full-length album?

With the music industry desiring frequent fresh tracks we are trying to drop a song or single four or more times a year to keep up with trends and demand, that said there is something special about albums so maybe there might be something in the pipeline…

GoodLuck has breached the gap between Africa and Europe over the past year. How do shows and festivals that side compare to here?

We have some awesome local festivals – Splashy Fen in KZN is probably one of the best festivals we have ever been to – including the amazing ones we’ve experienced overseas. So the comparison is closer than you might think! From an infrastructure perspective – sure overseas they have budgets that allow them to go crazy with production and decor, but our festivals have an incredible vibe… and that is something that you just can’t budget for.

Creatures of The Night is probably the most uniquely recorded album I’m aware of. Recording in the Namibian desert, using nature and the scenery to create sounds and even using the Fish River Canyon to create delays – this process is unheard of. Was this a way to challenge yourselves creatively? And how do you return to a normal recording studio and approach the standard writing process after an experience like this?

The making of Creatures of The Night was truly a magical adventure and we often look back on the whole experience and cannot believe what we managed to pull off! Recording in the Namibian desert completely cut off from the whole world… (and electricity) was not an experience we will soon forget. However, we have recently built an incredible studio that makes it easier for us to return home and get creative. The studio is in an industrial park, which surrounds a nature reserve, giving Jules beautiful scenery for dreaming up new lyrics.

One thing that stuck with me from your set at Lush in 2016, was Juliet’s speech about the representation of females on festival lineups, being that GoodLuck was the only female-fronted band on the main stage on that day. Do you feel festivals have done enough to improve in this regard in the three years since?

Sadly festivals still don’t have many females on their lineups and the majority of the time GoodLuck is still the only girl fronted act. Luckily Jules is a strong woman and advocates for all the other ladies out their following their dreams in the music world. Don’t give up ladies!

What advice do you have for any young musicians, starting out and not being sure how to approach their dreams of being on stage?

Always be yourself, no matter what anyone tells you! Everyone starts at the bottom, don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars!