If you don’t know what “Gangnam Style” is… where have you been man!? Psy’s music video has been gaining popularity all over the world. I remember stumbling across this strange, but completely awesome music video while screwing around on YouTube, watching hot Asian girls try to hold a tune, when I saw this cartoony looking, suggested video. It had about 40 million views so it must be pretty good I thought…

I don’t even wanna know what that horse is saying…

The video now has over half a BILLION views. It’s been doing the rounds on the radio and even on MTV for a while now. I even recently saw the extent of Gangnam Style’s reach when at a party I went to, the song was seemingly on repeat the entire night, with girls doing the exact same dance performed in the video. The song alone, might not sound that great to allot of people (I fucking love it), but throw in some Asian hotties and some really simple, yet catchy as hell dance moves and you’ve got the epicness that is GANGNAM STYLE!

There have been many parodies made of the video, but before I get to that; Here’s the one and only Gangnam Style (if you’ve seen it before… watch it again!):


Here’s a parody by some fellow South Africans at the University of Pretoria, getting into the Gangnam Style spirit:


Even “South Park” couldn’t resist adding some Gangnam Stylishness in this clip from one of the new episodes:


And thanks to Ed, I found this video of rugby player Juan De Jong celebrating his game winning try for the Western Province over the Sharks by doing… you guessed it, Gangnam Style!:


Now, love it or hate it; Gangnam Style will be with us for quite a while, so learn to love it or GTFO! Oh, and before I forget… Oppan Gangnam Style!