There’s a legend in Iceland that 1000 years ago a guy called Orms fláttr Stórólfssonar (or Orm Storolfsson) put a 1400lbs/640kg (that’s like 5 BIG props in rugby) mast on his back and took three baby-steps with it. It endures as a heroic test of strength in the region, but this week a real man took up the challenge and kicked Orms’ ass.

Hafthór Björnsson, who you’d recognise as The Mountain from the Game of Thrones series — and as an enormous human being of almost legendary proportions himself — put the weight on his back, picked it up, took five steps then celebrated like a madman.

Here’s the video of the strength test – your gym weights and “leg-day” updates look pretty stupid now, doesn’t it?

Via Kotaku