Does writing make you feel better? I think so because every time I have to write about something that happened I enjoyed like a fat kid in a candy store, I smile and reminisce over it. Take for instance, if I wrote on how much I enjoyed my Friday night this past weekend I would get a warm feeling inside of me. Due to the fact that I am sick as fuck at the moment and Friday night was incredible.

Okay folks before I go on further I would like to explain why I enjoyed it so much, I had a few drinks (not one tequila or shooter, strange indeed), had a few serious and not so serious talks with friends, bought a packet of cigarettes (I don’t smoke), went to bed with a glass of red wine for no apparent reason, went to 5 different bars, saw old high school friends, got a tad drunk with those friends, danced like a complete idiot, encouraged one of my buds to climb a sketchy ladder into a roof that said “Die Drinkgat” (see picture), made absolutely no sense when I talked, gave parental advise to a person that doesn’t have a kid (neither do I) and woke up to find my car’s foot carpet things on the roof of the car (I assume I searched for something when I got home that may have fallen in between the seats).

I grinned like a complete idiot behind my keyboard when I wrote that previous paragraph, because just thinking about the events I got happy and writing about it made me laugh. I feel refreshed after I wrote that, refreshed like a shower after Oppikoppi. Yes that much! Now Saturday, that is one whole fuck up that was waiting to happen.

At least for a brief moment I felt better than how I look with this snot nose and blood red eyes. Fuck it I am out.