Fractals has released their first official single, Tall. The new single was launched with a prestigious music video filmed by Josh Hundermark and Steven Thistle.

“Tall is a song about dealing with the consequences of letting people or things slip away. It’s about dealing with the regret whilst knowing what could have been. The instrumentation guides you through a trail of thoughts and how the listener deals with them. It’s about emotions, relationships and being a human being.” Jonathan Simons, lead vocals.

Fractals have been unapologetically raw in their latest release, and the featured song is a mixture between unadultered emotion, yet keeping true to their natural and serene progressions.
The collection debuted onto the South African music scene originally under the name, Jono Simons. A solo project that grew as the band became a family. The group then decided to rebrand as Fractals to showcase the new sounds they all worked on collectively opposed to Jono’s solo stuff earlier in the band’s career.

The recording environment Mountainside Studio provided, gave the band an opportunity to create and develop melodies that have not left the walls from where they were written. This freedom shines through in cheeky chords and emotion straddled candences.

“I want to be the sky to your stars, in your shadow I will walk forever more, well that’s what I thought.” Tall

The single was recorded at Mountainside Studios and produced and mastered by lead singer, Jonathan Simons.

Check it out on Spotify right here!