Be afraid… and laugh!

FOX’s new comedy series “Ghosted,“ starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson as spoof versions of Mulder and Scully, will be premiering on the network on October 1.

However, in an interesting move, the series premiere will actually now be debuting on Twitter over a week earlier!

A partnership between FOX and Twitter will see the season premiere of “Ghosted” streaming nightly on Twitter at 9 p.m. EST, September 21 through 24.

Be sure to follow @GhostedonFOX to catch the premiere on one of those nights!

In the single-camera, action-comedy…

LEROY WRIGHT (Robinson) is a cynical skeptic and former missing persons detective, who, if we’re speaking frankly, thinks that “aliens” are a big ole bunch of B.S. and that people who believe in them are certifiably nuts…People like MAX JENNIFER (Scott). Max is a genius “true believer” in the paranormal who’s convinced his wife was abducted by aliens. At low points in their lives, both Leroy and Max are recruited by CAPTAIN AVA LAFREY (Ally Walker), a take-no-prisoners, former Air Force test pilot and head of the Bureau Underground, a secret government organization investigating paranormal cases.

Lafrey, along with her staff – BARRY SHAW (Adeel Akhtar), an overly friendly forensic pathologist, and DELILAH WARD, a highly opinionated tech specialist – will support Leroy and Max in their quest for answers. Now, this heroic group of underdogs will look into “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles that often leads them to scary, thrilling and hilarious places, as they attempt to uncover the truth and keep the earth rotating on its axis for at least one more day.