To start this of, how many people reading this have been in a physical confrontation with another individual? It is really a dumb fucking thing; let’s take a point of observation. There is a loud drunk obnoxious guy pissing every living person off at a place, swears at you or your buds. Tries to pick fights with people twice his size. You know that guy, THAT ONE. What would you do; tell him politely to just fuck off for a bit or to chillax? What if he pushes you while blurring out obscene sentences that doesn’t make any sense like: “Your mom is a slut” , “Fuck you p#@s doos” , “I will mop the floor with your blood” Yes that happens, I am especially fond of the last one, always makes me think, is this guy really going to mop a floor with blood, is he the Ice truck killer in Dexter, does he have a blood fetish, is he maybe prepping for a blood orgy? Imagine that!



I have encountered a few knobs recently, where they fought and came second and third. Not a person in a fight will be first cause, you get beat up in the confrontation, you get beaten up after the fight or you get handed a little envelope stating a court date for assaulting another person…….My definition of getting gold and coming first is the dude that watches over the fight, has no interest in putting in a few punches, chats up the girls who thinks that the boys are so immature in the fight and basically scoring all the way. May just be me thinking logically.

I may be called a pussy for not picking a fight, but I don’t think any person will feel like he had a good night after a few broken teeth gets washed down the sink or sleeping next to a big black dude in a cell who’s name is “Big Black”

You may read this thinking I can take on any guy, but remember somewhere somehow there is someone than will kick your ass, except if you are Bakkies Botha. Then you don’t have to worry.