The EMA’s were held last night in Amsterdam, and as Ron Burgundy pointed out, it was the capital of Scandinavia. The show produced performances from 30 Seconds to Mars, Katy Perry and Imagine Dragons amongst others, and was hosted by the Speedo loving RedFoo from LMFAO. We noticed that if you cut out all the ads in the show, it would’ve been 37 minutes…The awards went as expected, Best Male, Best Video, Best International and all that Jazz (Okay no Jazz) but if you looked past all the costumes and premeditated speeches, you might’ve noticed what we did: The Other Awards. And we will be going over said awards right now!

Here are all the ‘other awards’:

I came in like a Disco Ball Award: Katy Perry


Lay off the sleeping pills guys and wake up, entertain people award: Kings of Leon

Are we shooting the new Star Wars movie right now award: All the extras in the show

I wear my sunglasses at night award: Bruno Mars

I don’t own a pair of pants award: Miley Cyrus

Who’s that guy on stage award: The guy rapping with Eminem

I can’t decide on a name award: Snoop Dogg/Lion/Zilla

Holy fuck where did the kilt and all that hair come from award: Jared Leto

Useless funny facts that I can throw around at a party award: Ron Burgundy


How many times I can say ‘Party People’ award: RedFoo

Why did you cover up your cleavage award: Katy Perry

We could form our own drum circle award: Imagine Dragons

My ears! They’re burning! Make it stop award: Ylvis performing The Fox

We have only five adverts to shove down your throat award: MTV

Look at my pity party, look at it award: Miley Cyrus performing Wrecking Ball

Thank fuck I left that women and I’m still Thor’s brother bitches award: Liam Hemsworth

TV show that nobody will want to watch because it was in every single ad award: Awkward

I am proud of my penis size award: RedFoo

Saved the best for last… Wait! Is there really someone performing after Imagine Dragons award: Icona Pop

I’m stuck in a brothel; sorry can’t make my award…award: Justin Bieber

I don’t own a comb per se, but still have eyeliner award: Billy Joe Armstrong

I am the man in black award: Brandon Flowers

Can I have some RedFoo crack award: Miley Cyrus accepting her award


Idle Hands and bringing back bleached hair award: Eminem performing Berzerk

All credit to MTV for organizing the event and props to all the artists, I enjoyed almost all of them. Bar one or two…or three but nonetheless. I found Ron Burgundy the classiest of all the acts and his quirky humor entertaining. Get him next year again to host the whole show or Buddy the Elf, Frank the Tank or Ricky Bobby.