Recently, music in South Africa has become pretty damned decent, no, in the case of bands and artists such as Fokofpolisiekar, Shadowclub, Bittereinder, Van Coke Kartel and Jack Parow, we can say it’s become fucking phenomenal.

But lets be honest, South Africa still churns out a bucket-load of horrendous music almost daily. And if you wade deep enough through all the crap that passes as music these days, you’ll eventually come across something so… unimaginative that it makes you puke a little in your mouth, and wish that you were anything other than South African.

Case in point: Egmond…

Kont Kwadraad 1

It’s been a while since we’ve seriously contemplated stabbing our eyes and eardrums out with a rusty spoon (The last time came with the release of Dirk’s “big hit”), but now it seems, that not even the spoon will bring us any relief.

This guy, Egmond Du Plessis, has created a monstrosity of a music video, that goes as far beyond “KAK” as we ever thought was possible. This is not an exaggeration, we have seen and heard some awful things, and this “thing” still takes first prize.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. But be warned; we don’t take any responsibility for any psychological damages:

The video was posted on YouTube only yesterday, but since then, there have been so many negative comments on it, that the man responsible for it felt the need to disable the comments on all his videos. We were lucky enough to read a couple of the comments before they were disabled, and lets just say, they weren’t singing the songs praises. Even Baas De Beer offered some “helpful” advice.

We know that “to each their own”; but even people who go out of their way to purchase Goue Sokkie Treffers Volume 658 wouldn’t touch this.

If you’re reading this, Egmond, we’re sure you’re an awesome guy, and we need to make this clear; we don’t hate you… we just don’t like your music. So for the love of all that is good in this world, try a different path. Thanks 🙂

Here we have the thoughts from a guy who lives music; Kobus van Rooyen.

Quoted from Kobus van Rooyen’s Facebook: “So hier is wat ek gaan doen Egmod. Ek gaan ‘n sniper rilfe gaan kry. Ek gaan na ‘n skietveld toe gaan en ek gaan oefen vir ‘n week net om weer terug te kom in die ding. Ek gaan daai scope so instel dat ek jou van 1.5km vêr af kan uithaal. Ek gaan dan die sniper rifle mooi uitmekaar haal en verpak in ‘n inconspicuous tassie en terugkeer Pretoria toe. Dan gaan ek my navorsing doen. Ek is goed met navorsing doen. Ek gaan uitvind waar jy gig, wie jou vriende is, en waar jy is teen alle tye. Ek gaan my roetes beplan. Die paaie, die tye, en dan wanneer jy dit die minste verwag gaan ek ‘n skoot deur jou kop sit en jou stage se backdrop cover met ‘n kombinasie van brein, skedel en bloed… Nie regtig nie, ek wil nie tronk toe gaan nie. Maar dis wat kak soos wat jy maak my aan laat dink Egmond.. Fok jou..”

You can read Kobus’s open letter on Running Wolf’s Rant here: