There’s a fun burger joint located in the city of Pasig, Philippines called Brick Burger that sells edible LEGO hamburgers!

They even come in different colors. It’s crazy because the burgers actually look pretty delicious.

We won’t be going to the Philippines anytime soon to eat one. Well, most probably never. But, they look so awesome!

Here’s what they have to say about their inventions:

Building toy blocks, passion with food and extreme creativity are what founded Brick Burger. With the use of 100% mouth-watering pure Australian beef burger patty, fresh vegetables and unique burger bun with an unconventional variation of shapes and colors, our goal is to serve our customers with best tasting and one-of-a-kind burgers.

Brick Burger is dedicated on crafting the best looking and best tasting burger around yet! On top of all these, we are definite that you will get to enjoy staying at our exciting and fun dining area with your family and friends!

Brick Burger. Where CrEATivity Satisfies Your Cravings