Techland unveiled their expansion plan for Dying Light, that is Dying Light: The Following, it sounded like it would be a big deal, as we’re huge fans of the series. It’s great! Zombies and parkour. We finished Dying Light a few months ago, but we’re trying to finish all the side quests… it gets a bit repetitive after a while. But, with the trailer unveiled for Dying Light: The Following – we’re friggin excited to give our thumbs another workout. With a world that’s larger than every environment in the main game combined, as well as new loot and dune buggies, it was immediately clear that this DLC would be well worth its price tag.

If you weren’t sold on The Following, these videos ought to do the trick. The first comes from a recent Twitch stream the developer hosted in order to show off the upcoming DLC, and the second is the reveal trailer.

Via Bloody Disgusting