With the December holiday season approaching at a rapid speed and some people (including me) already contemplating on what to do on these precious off days, I thought I will let the readers in on a few ideas on how and what to do. Some of you may already be on holiday (I don’t like you at the moment) and be bored out of your fucking mind, well keep your eyes peeled, these things may actually save your life.

What better time to spend time with the people you like, fuck all those assholes that pissed you off during the year. Show them the one finger salute and have a good time with the company you like.

Do a whole day of drinking, wake up with an ice cold beer to start the day while gradually moving in the direction of hard liquor, invite over some mates and put on some banging tunes to get the party going. And don’t forget an essential ingredient that seems to get lost, shooters and cocktails. Face it, it will be hot and humid, shirts will be removed and bikinis flaunted. What better way to get the latter out than a few well mixed alcoholic refreshments, things that I would recommend: Tequila (Olmeca or Jose Cuervo with enough salt and lemons), Ponchos Coffee, Jagermeister or Lovoka. Cocktail wise look no further than a Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita (with enough tequila to feed a small Mexican army) or anything with Smirnoff Vodka to quench the thirst.

Fuck work!

Fuck work!

Visit the sites, one place I am looking forward to experience again is Nkwe Nature reserve, about 20 minutes drive from Hatfield. Luscious green grass to relax under the trees while overlooking a big hole filled with water. The hole is apparently fucking deep and surrounding rocks make it an extravagant place to jump in. Otherwise relax near the cascading waterfall and have a beer fueled braai with buds.

Keep it indoors, missed a few series’ and movies this year? Rent a load of films and eye candy that you have been aching to see, lay in bed and just keep it chilled. Try the new Batman trilogy or slice your way into the Dexter series, bound to keep you glued to the screen for hours.

Participate in a sporting activity, I don’t mean purchasing boots and fitting that gum guard for a rugby game, more in the line of ping pong (with beer of course) and backyard soccer. Keep it interesting by involving ladies and shots for the losers in each game.

Have sex, yes you read right. No point in arguing with me about this subject. Inevitably it will happen if you are in a relationship or if you are out looking for one night stands. Keep in mind that even if it is during the holiday period, keep it safe. Have a blast and experiment, move out of the tried and tested routine to be more adventurous and spontaneous.

Watch a few bands perform, that bonus which you fully deserve will come in handy, check out these events that might appeal to you.

So no point in complaining that there is nothing to do, there is always something to do. Otherwise have a smoke and stare at the horizon waiting for better days.

See you at the festive bar