We still don’t know if/when we’re ever going to get the long-promised Dead Island 2, but the video game franchise heads into the mobile arena with Dead Island: Survivors, which just launched worldwide today for iOS and Android!

Deep Silver’s Hamburg-based development studio Deep Silver FISHLABS announced today’s worldwide launch of Dead Island: Survivors, the zombie action brawler set in the Dead Island universe. Created specifically for iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets, Dead Island: Survivors is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Dead Island: Survivors offers action-packed gameplay mixing melee combat and trap-laying with tactical base building and card collecting. The game is set in a beautiful albeit zombie-plagued world in close vicinity to the island of Banoi. Crafted with true love for the genre, Dead Island: Survivors features a wealth of different heroes, zombies, weapons, traps, consumables, levels and missions. Fans of the previous Dead Island games will be delighted to discover all kinds of tie-ins, Easter eggs and references to the series as they play.

Key Features include:

Action-packed gameplay mixing melee combat and trap laying
Iconic heroes to face the zombies
Base-building with cunning traps to fend off the hordes
Survival challenges with your friends and allies
Expansive, beautiful hand-crafted islands
Heroes and zombies in the real world via the ARKit (iOS version only)

Check out the cinematic launch trailer below and start playing today!

And just because we wanted to… here is the trailer for the infamous Dead Island 2 🙁