One of our good friends, Willem van den Heever wrote and produced Daniel Munro. A comedy-drama starring Armand Aucamp (Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling) set to release in 2016. A local is lekker movie filmed in the unforgiving Karoo in South Africa. We’re pretty excited to watch this film; as it has a great cast, an interesting story line and done by the very talented Willem.

Want to know more? Of course you do, here’s the synopsis below:

Daniel Munro (Armand Aucamp) is a mysterious, wealthy young man from the city, who ends up at a road stall in the middle of the barren Tankwa Karoo (semi desert in South Africa). His car broke down and with roadside assistance only able to send someone out the following Monday, he is forced to spend the weekend at the road stall. The stall is run by Cornelius Theron (Callie Theron); a wise, old, Afrikaans man, with a different view on life than Daniel.

Things at the stall suddenly heat up when two detectives decide to show up.

This is what we know about the film. Check out the trailer below!

The film will start its international festival run in 2016, followed by some screenings soon to be announced, with a possible web release later the year. Well done Willem!