Cockles has released a brand new single, entitled Narcissist. The single comes after the release of his debut single and video, ‘Joshin’ Around’ earlier this year. Narcissist is the second offering from his debut album, set for release later in 2018.

The idea for Narcissist came about when Cockles (the project of Shortstraw frontman Alastair Thomas) had been toying with the concept of narcissism and wondered if, based on the fact that narcissists think they’re the shit, does that mean they also think they’re the best narcissist in the world? Of all the narcissistic people, who actually thinks they’re the best?

“The first verse came to me on my way home after a long day at work and I had to go to a family affair that evening – ‘I’ve got a family that loves me, but still I complain!’ – and I just rattled off all these great things I have in my life that I just completely take for granted, then moulded that around the fact that it’s probably because I’m a narcissist. I mean, of course, I am. I’m fucking awesome. ‘I wish you were a mirror’ is probably the best lyric I’ll ever write.”

With the single featuring unabashed narcissism in a fun way, it is another musically simple offering from Cockles with depth to the lyrics. As opening track of his upcoming debut album, NARCISSIST sets the tone for the offering coming later this year. It is just enough parts tongue-in-cheek as it is serious, with major chords obscuring a slightly darker lyrical side.

Listen to Narcissist here on SoundCloud: